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5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise

October 5, 2022

It's one of these times in your life, when you look in the mirror and say to yourself ”I have to change something”. Days are passing by and... nothing happens. Don’t worry - you’re not the only one. It’s your lucky day - we have five tips to help you find motivation to exercise from the very beginning to a place where it's all basically fun and good habits all the way. Are you ready? Set, GO!

Make a good workout plan

Don't act on that first hype of positive emotions. It’s a trap - you'll be losing motivation faster than buying these new fancy running shoes. Take a deep breath. A solid plan is what you need to achieve your goals - no matter what they are. If you are a beginner and never have taken a training routine seriously, make your plan as simple as possible. Maybe it sounds crazy, but setting short and long term goals will help you find motivation to exercise and get through the first few weeks of torment. Start from 10-minute walks per day few times a week in order to get into a good habit loop. According to the World Health Organization, to stay healthy and avoid diseases like cancer or diabetes you have to exercise from 150 to 300 min a week. Moreover, enhanced thinking and learning, stress relief are an added bonus.

Make it fun and see you will love it

There is this one golden rule that will make your ambitious plan successful. It's not rocket science - you have to find this one form of physical activity that will pump up your endorphins every time you think of it. It doesn't have to be running or weightlifting. If you are a true fan of 'Dancing with the stars' but have never tried salsa or rumba before, there is no time to waste. Not your vibe? Try something completely wild - maybe pole dancing or indoor cycling is the calling that you’ve searched for your whole life. Who knows?

Feel like a pro: motivation to exercise is around the corner

You don't know what to choose among a bunch of colorful and skin-tight tricots in the mall? Apply just a couple of rules. Firstly, make sure the size is right. Too small pieces of clothing will make you feel uncomfortable - raising a hand shouldn't turn out to be a great challenge. That's the fact. On the other hand - too large t-shirts or leggings will drive you crazy every time you step on it. When it comes to the main factor, which is the style, you have the privilege to choose whatever you like. The color or style of it doesn't have to fit into the latest fashion trends. What is vital - you should feel like a million bucks.

Write down you achievements 

Another good way to stay motivated is to keep track of all achievements day by day from the beginning. Enjoy every little success as it helps you keep a close eye on setting goals mentioned earlier. Last but not least, you can boost your self-esteem by sharing on social media. Getting positive feedback and support from people that you care about, gives you strength to accomplish goals.

Believe in yourself: motivation to exercise will come naturally

If you don't believe in yourself - nobody will do it for you. Remember that the sky's the limit. Even though you fall back on the training routine, don't give up. Change your mindset. Be steadfast in goals that you set up and think positive. Everyone encounters obstacles in everyday routine and a positive attitude helps to overcome them. Otherwise you can get those bad habits sink its teeth in. YOU CAN DO IT.

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