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5 tips for good walking posture

September 23, 2022

In the era of remote work, proper posture is becoming an increasingly important topic. However, we should not only take care of it while sitting at a desk. When going for a walk or simply moving around on foot on a daily basis, it's also worth remembering to maintain proper posture. Do you want to know how to walk with good posture? Keep reading for five tips on how to improve your posture while walking!

Why good walking posture is important?

Good walking posture is important for several reasons. First, it helps to prevent injuries. If you walk with poor posture, you are more likely to strain your muscles and joints. This can lead to pain and other problems.

Second, good posture helps you to breathe more efficiently. When you walk with good posture, your lungs have more room to expand and contract. This allows you to take in more oxygen and get rid of more carbon dioxide.

Third, good posture helps you to move more efficiently. When your body is in alignment, your muscles can work together more effectively. This means that you use less energy when you walk, which can help you to walk farther and faster.


Good walking posture - 5 tips

Maintaining the right posture while walking is nothing difficult, but it does require some awareness towards one's body. Walking, although seemingly one of the simpler activities, involves almost our entire body. Therefore, there are many aspects that we should pay attention to:

Straight silhouette

The most important thing when walking is to maintain a straight silhouette. We should not hunch over or tilt our torso excessively forward or backward. A hunched posture causes us to put more tension on our back muscles, which can cause pain or even more serious health problems.

Shoulders back

It will be easier for us to maintain an upright posture when we pay attention to our shoulders. They should be lowered and pulled back so as to straighten the chest and push it forward slightly. However, let's not try to overly tense our shoulders in this position. It should be as natural as possible.

Head high

When walking, we should keep our head relatively high, looking ahead. We should not lean our neck forward or look down all the time. It is especially inadvisable to look at the phone too often - in addition to having a negative effect on our posture, it can simply be dangerous, especially on busy streets or bumpy areas.


When walking, it is worth paying attention to how we place our steps. We should put our heel on the ground first, followed by our toes. When pulling the foot off the ground, we should also start with the heel and strike out slightly from the toes. Steps that are too long are not advisable, as they can negatively affect our joints. 

Comfortable shoes

Proper footwear should help us maintain proper posture. Even if you go out for a short walk, try to put on shoes that are properly contoured, cushioned and stable. 

Take a healthy walk!

Correct posture is something that is really worth remembering. It allows us to enjoy the benefits of walking even better. And these are quite a lot! Among other things, regular walking can improve the functioning of our circulatory or respiratory systems, help us cope with stress, and even reduce the risk of developing some varieties of cancer. What's more, incorporating walking into our daily schedule can help us maintain a healthy weight or help us sleep.

As with most exercises, however, it is important to use the walks regularly for the right effect. To maintain this regularity, it's a good idea to find extra sources of motivation. Fitale is a mobile game  that will help you find motivation to walk regularly. You can also pledge your own daily step goals and get rewarded for reaching them. Fitale is free and you can check it out here, on the AppStore.

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